Our Story

Plant-based is what we do.

We’re dedicated to providing people with healthy, delicious plant-based food. It’s about more than just eating mindfully – our values and beliefs guide everything we do.

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Our food.

At Life Health Foods we passionately create innovative plant-based food for the world. Our passion is weaved into everything we do, from our commitment to great taste, to using non-GM ingredients, to sourcing locally wherever possible.  This allows us to produce products that are both better for you and are a more sustainable choice.  Our brands include:

Our origins.

Life Health Foods New Zealand was created in 2009.  Built out of true entrepreneurial spirit, we brought together a collective of some of New Zealand’s best loved food brands, together at a purpose-built facility in Avondale, Auckland.

Kiwi favourite Lisa’s Hummus & Dips was the founding product in the Life Health Foods stable, setting the standard for our healthy, great tasting and convenient plant-based foods. Soon after, we added Bean Supreme, the pioneer of NZ-made tofu and Naked Cuisine chef inspired soups & meals with no nasties along with Kato, Prep Kitchen and Food by Chefs to the Life Health Foods range.

We’re also proud to distribute Australian-made vegetarian food brands Vegie Delights  in New Zealand, which is owned by our sister company Sanitarium Health Food Company. This brand offers nutritious choices for those who enjoy meat, but are looking to add more plant-based options to their diet.

Life Health Foods also has operations in India and joint venture partnerships in the USA and United Kingdom.


Our values.

We believe that enjoying plant-based eating enables everyone to live healthier and more sustainably.

We actively practice our values of:

  • In it together
  • We make it happen
  • Pioneer today for tomorrow
  • Serve others

We live these values through the approach we take to our work and how we work together.  As a team we undertake a variety of health and wellbeing initiatives throughout the year, including health checks, flu vaccines, charity fundraising and community volunteer projects. We support a variety of charity partners including FairFood and ADRA as well as community groups throughout the country.

Where people & purpose matter.

A diverse and inclusive company culture brings learning and growth, it sparks innovation and creativity, it fosters new solutions and new opportunities.  We welcome a thriving, diverse workplace community where we live our purpose and values together while meaningfully connecting with our consumers, retailer and business partners and the diverse community we serve.  Our team of more than 150 staff comes from all sectors of the community and includes a diverse mix of backgrounds. Over 20 nationalities and cultures are represented, speaking more than 35 languages!

Our Commitment

We value and include people from all walks of life.

We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive workplace where everyone can enjoy personal health and wellbeing, hope and happiness.

We want everyone to feel they belong as part of the Life Health Food team and have equal opportunity to grow, learn and thrive.

Our sustainability journey.

We are dedicated to protecting the environment for future generations, so here at Life Health Foods we are continually working towards making our sourcing, production and work practises more sustainable.

The environmental impact of plant-based vs meat eating has been studied for many years and shows that plant-based protein production typically requires significantly less water, less land and produces less carbon gases than animal protein production.

With global population numbers rising and demand for protein increasing, new, more sustainable ways of creating our favourite foods, such as plant-based options are essential.

Sustainability is a journey and we continue to work on improvements to our business impact.  We continue to build strong links within the community and have a number of community based partnerships in areas such as animal welfare, reduction in food waste and re-distribution of food to those in need.